Early Termination of Probation

Early Termination of Probation, Pretrial Diversion Lawyer Orlando

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Interested in Termination of Your Probation?

  • If you have completed a good portion of your probation (preferably half) and have zero outstanding court debts and have no conditions of probation outstanding, then you may be a good candidate for early termination of probation.
  • It’s important to know what conditions you were required to do and what conditions you have completed.
  • Talk to a criminal defense lawyer in Orlando to see if he believes your case qualifies for early termination of probation.
  • If it does, then that lawyer can file a motion for Early Termination of Probation.
  • Once that motion is filed, the lawyer will then contact the JA (judicial assistant) and set up a hearing time on your motion.
  • Your lawyer will likely talk to the State Attorney prior to the hearing to see if they have an objection to early termination of probation.
  • If all conditions of probation are satisfied, then it’s unlikely the State will object to an early termination.
  • Most lawyers will handle “early termination of probation” matters for a reasonable monetary amount.
  • If in doubt about your rights, and interested in terminating your probation, call the Smith & Eulo Law Firm. (407) 930-8912

Early Termination of Probation at an Affordable Rate.

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