List of Orlando Nonprofits w/ a Legal Focus

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Below you will find a non-comprehensive list of Orlando Nonprofits, focusing on Nonprofits and charity organizations that specifically have a legal focus. By legal focus, we also address those nonprofits that offer support to those involved with criminal court, such as homeless shelters, and food banks. The goal by creating this list of Legal-based Orlando Nonprofits was to show various organizations in Florida and how they give back to the community, to provide a resource guide and list of Orlando Nonprofits.

Second Harvest Food Bank:

Second Harvest makes this the list of Orlando Nonprofits w/ a Legal Focus because they are a nonprofit organization aimed at providing food for those who don’t have it. A large portion of the criminal population in Orlando is Homeless. A resource like Second Harvest Food bank is clearly a valuable asset to the homeless community in Central Florida.

 Orange County Bar Association:

Orange County Bar Association makes the list of Orlando Nonprofits w/ a legal Focus because of their vast array of legal services that they offer, such as help in areas such as community outreach and help with Elder Abuse. Simply click on their Public Services tab on their web page and you’ll see why they deserve to be on any top list of Orlando Nonprofits.

Legal Aid Society:

Legal Aid society makes the list of Orlando Nonprofits, because of the legal aid they provide in several areas. In general the Legal Aid Society may provide you a lawyer doing pro bono work, Guardian Ad Litems, and other areas of legal assistance. Click the link embedded into Legal Aid Society to see a bit more about the legal aid society and whether they can help you with your case. Legal Aid society is a great legal aid resource for anyone in need and a reason why they make this short list of Orlando nonprofits.

Distinguished Attorneys Charity Foundation:

Distinguished Attorneys Charity Foundation is the Smith & Eulo Law Firm’s own nonprofit organization (receiving 501c3 status late in 2015). It makes the list of Orlando Nonprofits not just because it is the foundation started by the Smith & Eulo Law Firm. But, because the Organization’s main thrust is not only providing legal education, but in promoting and encouraging other legal non profit organizations in Central Florida. In other words, the Distinguished Attorneys Charity Foundation plans to help raise money for other nonprofit events, and raise community awareness to problems effecting our community. We hope to create scholarship opportunities and provide legal representation for those in need. If your legal nonprofit wants to work with the Distinguished Attorneys Charity Foundation, or if you would like to make a donation, do not hesitate to call Darryl Smith or Ken Eulo at 407-930-8912.