Orlando Criminal Law Lawyer: Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in Florida:

Florida now allows medical marijuana.

Does that mean anybody can use marijuana if they have medical problems? No, the new medical marijuana laws do not allow anybody to simply go out and purchase marijuana for whatever reason they want. It also doesn’t allow people to go out and buy marijuana if they simply have a medical problem.

Medical Marijuana in Florida

Doctor Prescription Required: In order to use medical marijuana you must go through a legitimate medical provider and you must receive a medical prescription for it. Additionally, you must purchase your marijuana from a licensed dispensary. In other words, buying marijuana from a local non-licensed vendor is not allowed.


If you have a medical problem and you have purchased medical marijuana through an incorrect channel you may still have a defense. Understand, State Attorneys are people too, and common sense arguments are sometimes all that is needed. For example, you should provide your records to your Orlando Criminal Law Lawyer if you have any documentation showing your medical condition. Provide documentation if you can show a good-faith belief that you were allowed to consume marijuana for a medical condition.

The more detailed documentation of your condition and the doctors you visited, the better. Even if you didn’t have a good-faith belief in purchasing marijuana, but you took the drug to help your medical condition, your Orlando Criminal Law Lawyer should be made aware of that fact. While not a legal defense, many cases in Florida can be reduced by the production of good-faith mitigation to the prosecution. Additionally, all regular defenses to the charge of possession still apply, such as an unlawful search and seizure, a failure to preserve evidence, etc. To find out more possible defenses to your case, call and talk to a lawyer today.

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