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The amount of personal injury protection you are covered for under an insurance policy. Something you don’t necessarily hear about in a personal injury case is that you may be on the hook for the medical bills over your PIP Limits.

Allowing a person to continue seeking expensive treatment regardless of cost doesn’t necessarily affect the lawyer’s bottom line, and often helps the lawyer build a stronger case to make a larger sum. However is this necessarily in the Client’s best interest?

PIP Limits in Florida

Considering PIP Limits:

A good lawyer will know a client’s goals and will help to work within PIP Limits to make sure that their client gets back to a level of functioning that they are happy with, while also saving money on the settlement so that they are covered for future medical bills as they may arise.

For example, consider a person who has a PIP limit of $10,000. They are going to a chiropractor and they improve to about 90% of their function after the PIP limit of $10,000 has been spent. If they continue going and spend about another $10,000 they may restore themselves to 92%. Is it worth $10,000 to restore an extra 2%? This is a decision that a client should be allowed to make.

If the case ultimately settles for $25,000, consider that in the second scenario, the first $10,000 is going to be going to the Chiropractor, about $8,000 to the lawyer, and only $7,000 to the client. Is that fair?

The client is permanently disabled and yet received less than ANYONE in the process. However, if the lawyer and client made a decision to stop at 90% based on practical considerations, the client would be walking away with about $17,000 with virtually the same level of recovery. These are important considerations.

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