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What is it?

When a consumer endures an injury due to a defective product a number of parties can be held liable for releasing a product that they knew or should have known posed a risk to users. A person or company can be held liable for a number of things ranging from faulty television sets to medical devices or foods that cause food poisoning.

Lawsuit based on Products Liability:

If someone is injured by a defective product they have grounds to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, depending on the type of defect. Manufacturer’s failure to warn of potential risks is also grounds for liability. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is responsible for maintaining rules and regulations for safety symbols and product safe signs.

According to The American National Standards Institute, a warning label should inform the consumer of existing hazards, inform the consumer of the severity of the risk involved with the particular product, inform the consumer of the effects of the hazard, and lastly, inform the consumer how to avoid the hazard.

Different Types

There are many types of product liability lawsuits, the most popular three types of product liability cases are Negligence, Breach of Warranty (Express and Implied Warranty’s), and Strict Liability. Damages for injuries caused by defective products are typically compensatory, or punitive. Plaintiff’s may be eligible for damages covering their lost wages, pain and suffering, medical costs (both present and future), and/or emotional anguish.

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