florida conceal carry lawWith the awful events  that have been taking place associated with firearms/guns, the government is on high alert regarding citizens carrying concealed weapon/ firearms. However, there is concealed carry law in Florida which allows residents and non-residents to carry concealed weapon with a permit. But some don’t know of this law restrictions and not knowing these restrictions may cause you big trouble or worst may put you in jail.

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Unfortunate events of innocent civilians getting killed by individuals carrying firearms have been on a rise in recent times. Government seems to be alarmed and there are voices against firearms laws. On the state of Florida, like other states of the country, there is a law regarding carrying weapons/firearms called concealed firearm carry law. This law allows individuals having permit to carry firearms in the public. But this law comes with its own set of restrictions and if you do not know about these Concealed carry law restrictions in Florida, you can be in trouble with the authorities. Carrying firearms in public while violating these restrictions can even land you in jail in Florida.

What is Concealed Carry Law in Florida?

The right to bear firearm is granted to common people through 2nd amendment of the constitution. Under this law, anyone with a valid permit can carry a firearm for the purpose of his/her/their safety in public. It is called concealed firearm carry law and it governs the way permit holders can carry the firearm with them in the public.

What are the benefits of having a concealed carry permit?

There are many benefits of having a permit under the concealed firearm carry law of Florida. You can present it to police officers if they stop you when carrying a firearm in public. With this license, the holder can carry his firearm in more public places. This permit also makes it easier for individuals to purchase firearms from the market.

What are the restrictions on concealed carry law in Florida?

Concealed carry law restrictions in Florida tells how the permit holders can carry the firearm when going to public areas. Open carry is prohibited in Florida, and no one is allowed to carry a firearm without a CCW licensed issued by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. If you do not have a permit and found carrying a firearm under the seat of your car, it is a clear violation of Florida Statute 790.01.

Why do we need to follow these restrictions?

The restrictions imposed by the Florida legislature of carrying concealed firearms are for the benefit of the common people as there has been a sudden rise in numbers of causes related to gun violence. Florida police has been seizing firearms recovered from people carrying them in a concealed manner without the proper license. By following these restrictions, you can stay away from any trouble with the authorities. Government has declared many places as protected areas where people are barred from carrying concealed weapons.

How will you be punished if you are carrying concealed weapon in restricted area?

There are many public areas where people are prohibited from carrying concealed firearms. These include schools, airports, polling places, jails, prisons and detention places, police departments, school events, and colleges and universities. If you are found carrying a concealed firearm with or without a permit in a restricted area, you are likely to face third degree felony charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Division of Licensing’s List contains the names of the states having reciprocity with Florida on concealed carry law. However, laws of the state having reciprocity with Florida may not have all the clauses same to same. It is therefore advisable for you to consult an attorney before carrying your gun to any such state outside Florida.

A public library is one of the areas deemed restricted by the government in the state of Florida where you cannot carry a concealed firearm. It is a crime to carry your licensed gun in a concealed manner in a public library in Florida.

In many states around the country, gun silencers are considered illegal. But the Sunshine State does not consider silencer on a concealed carry firearm.

There have been heated debates across the country and in legislatures about the need for stricter gun control laws. There are both proponents as well as opponents of gun control laws. The way gun violence has increased in recent times; it seems that the government will have to come up with strict gun control laws.

If you are a Floridian having a permit to carry firearm and moving to another state having more restrictive concealed carry laws, it is important to go through the provision and comply with them. Otherwise, you can land in trouble with the authorities if it is found that you have a concealed weapon on your person or your baggage.

Can I carry my firearm openly in Florida?

The state of Florida prohibits carrying a firearm openly in public places whether you have a license for it or not. Therefore, you need to read and understand concealed carry law restrictions in Florida to comply with them and to stay away from any kind of trouble with the authorities. You can carry firearms openly only inside your home or place of business provided you have a permit for it.

Is there any time I cannot carry my firearm?

You are free to carry your licensed firearm if you have concealed it properly. However, there are certain restricted areas where you cannot carry firearm even if it is concealed. These include places of nuisance, police department, jail, prison, airport, court of law, legislature, school, college, university and events conducted by these institutions.

Living in Florida and carrying your licensed firearm openly can land you in trouble with the authorities. You need to comply with concealed carry law restrictions in Florida. Smith & Eulo is a leading criminal defense lawyers’ firm in Florida that can help you in case you have been charged with violation of concealed carry law. Call 407-930-8912 or email at smithandeulo@gmail.com to get immediate help form our qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyers.