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Sexual Harassment may include but is not limited to sexual advances, jokes, and/or teasing of a sexual nature, unwanted exposure to material of a sexual nature that has not been welcomed by the employee. Title VII or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 governs Sexual Harassment, and to fall under Title VII the employer must have a minimum of 15 employers and may be application for State, Local, or Federal Employees. Being a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace can be a traumatizing and dramatic experience, sexual harassment can leave an employee feeling helpless and powerless.

Sexual Harassment and sexual discrimination conduct consist of an offensive comment, unwanted touching or other physical contact, or any type of exposure of sexual conduct. When preparing for the harassment claim, employees must first file their claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or appropriate state agency, they then decide whether they are the ones to prosecute the case themselves or to allow a private sector the right to sue.

An employer or supervisor most likely will be liable for conduct that creates a hostile work environment. Damages owed by the employer may include back pay or other damages associated with termination or other actions taken by the employer. If an employee filed a harassment claim against their employer, the employer will be prohibited by Title VII from bringing a retaliation claim against that individual, and may be forced to pay compensatory and/or punitive actions for even bringing a retaliation claim against the employee.

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