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Being a client in the criminal justice system is difficult. It’s downright scary for people unfamiliar with the system and even sometimes those familiar with the system. In order to help you get through the difficult times we offer the following suggestions to help ease your mind as we go through the process together.

Suggestions #1: Relax.

I know it’s difficult. But you hired a lawyer for a reason. You hired your lawyer to do the worrying, the stressing, the pushing hard for you. Obviously if you don’t feel that’s being done, then that’s a different story.

Suggestions #2: Be patient.

Many clients want immediate results. Unfortunately the criminal justice process is incredibly slow. Lawyers have a lot of things causing delays. For example: docket scheduling, judicial assistants, lack of hearing time, prosecutors who are busy working on many other cases, the natural slowness of the criminal process (even if you file a demand for speedy as soon as the state files formal charges, you are talking about a turnaround of about 3 months), etc. There are a lot of factors that slow a case down.

Suggestions #3: Let your lawyer work.

Your lawyer can only dedicate so much time to each case. So when you hire a lawyer, let him use him time efficiently for you. Instead of twice daily check ins, maybe a once every two week progress report. Good lawyers will send you updates on their own and keep you updated. The more time dedicated to long office conference and answering concerns, the less time can be spent actually working on the case itself.

Suggestions #4: Help your lawyer.

The person who will think about your case more than anyone is YOU. You are the person that will likely think about your case for hours a day, even on the weekends. So take that time thinking about your case and put it to use. Do you have witnesses? Create a witness list for your lawyer. Do you think pictures will be helpful? Take pictures and send them to your lawyer. Be a proactive client instead of a reactive one. A good lawyer will do a ton, if not all, of the leg work for you. But, there are always times when a client has thoughts or ideas that may be different than a lawyer. Let them know so they can ascertain whether it’s useful and helpful information.

Suggestions #5: Be respectful.

Your lawyer is probably one of the few people in your life who actually has your back. Often times they are busting their butt to save your life. Keep that in mind. A positive working relationship between two respectful people will produce a higher quality work product than two people who are constantly fighting. Foster the relationship and work with your lawyer, not against.

Suggestions #6: Make Appointments.

Your lawyer has several cases going on. You will get a lot more out of each conversation if you call your lawyer’s secretary and ask to schedule an appointment. This will help your lawyer prepare for the conversation with you, and will also provide for a more efficient use of your time together.

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A lawyer should be your friend and your ally in the system. Suggestions are aimed at helping you have a better relationship with your lawyer. Suggestions are aimed at helping you make more efficient time with your lawyer. Lastly, Suggestions are aimed at being more successful with your lawyer. Collaborate, Appreciate, and Respect…you will see a world of difference.

Note: Suggestions provided are not aimed at any specific clients past or present. The suggestions are merely a compilation of experience and a strong belief in client-centered representation. At Smith & Eulo Law Firm, we want to work WITH YOU on your path to justice.