Things to do before and after filing a car accident Claim in FloridaIt is very devastating to be involved in a car accident that involves injury or property damage. If something like this happen, you’ll be required to file a claim with your insurance company. But, do you know how to do it? Do you understand its process? These are the tips on what should you do before and after you file a car accident claim in Florida.

Why do you need to file car accident claim with your insurance company?

It is best to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. You have a short time limit for contacting your insurance company and making a claim. If it is just a minor fender bender that is very inexpensive then you wouldn’t want to call your insurance company because it can increase your insurance costs. If there is a lot of damage that is going to result in your having to pay a few thousand to repair, then filing a claim will be in your best interest. If there are injuries involved, then you would want to contact your insurance company because Florida is a no-fault state. This means your personal insurance would have to cover all of your expenses.

What is the process in filing car accident claim in Florida?

An insurance company has 10 days to begin an investigation for a car accident. After that the insurance company has 90 days to notify you on its approval or denial of your claim. During this time your attorney would have to put together a case to show to the insurance company. You would want to provide them pictures of the accident damages, any injuries caused and any other information that may be useful to the investigation. You would want to keep a journal to hold information of any expenses, medical visits and injuries, and your healing process. Your attorney will then send a demand letter to the insurance company to ask for a settlement. If it is approved then you will receive your settlement, if not then it might go to trial.

How long after a car accident can you file a claim?

Depending on your insurance, the time frame can vary for a claim deadline. Some insurance companies would require you to make a claim as soon as possible. Majority of insurance companies may ask you to file a claim within 24 hours of the accident. The best way to find out your insurance policy is to contact them and ask or look at the policies of your insurance.

What are the things you should do before and after filing a car accident claim in Florida?

As soon as you get into an accident you would want to contact the police to report the accident. After the police have been contacted you would want to make sure all parties are okay. Then you would want to exchange information with them and get their insurance and license plate number. After that you should call your insurance company to make your claim. After making your claim, go to the hospital to receive medical treatment and contact a car accident lawyer if needed. They would be your best tool to win a settlement.

Why do we need to know the things to do before and after filing car accident claim?

It is best to get educated in advance over the steps needed to make a claim for a car accident before an accident occurs. Having the knowledge now can better prepare you when the event occurs instead of trying to guess what to do next.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time frame for a settlement depends on if the settlement gets approved or denied. If it gets denied, then a trial might need to happen and the final verdict can take up to two years to receive.

Most car accident claims will reach a settlement before going to trial in a court. A car accident claim can go to court if a settlement cannot be agreed upon within the set time frame. Another reason a claim may have to go to trial is if the insurance companies can’t agree which party was at fault.

There are some mistakes that can hold a lot of weight in your claim. If you decide to wait too long to contact the police, then it can reflect negatively on you and it may also end in penalties. You also would want to get medical attention as soon as possible instead of waiting it out. Your medical report can be used to help your case and also it would be best to know if your doing good internally and externally. One of the biggest mistakes you could do is to apologize or admit blame. Even though you may feel the need to, it would be best not to because it could be seen as a confession.

Insurance companies would have to look at all factors when it comes to a car accident. Which party is at fault for the accident and was it avoidable? They would need to investigate the damages and any injuries that occurred because of the accident. All evidence would need to be investigate and make sure no fraud occurred or possible red flags of fraud.

To find a car accident lawyer near you the best option would be to use google. Type into the search bar “Best Car Accident Lawyers near me” and see what comes up for you. Google should offer you their ranking, reviews, hours of operation, contact information and address. Majority of lawyers offer free consultations, it would be best to get a few so you can make comparisons before choosing your lawyer to represent you.

What is the car accident claim process time frame?

The time frame can be determined on many factors, but a regular claim settlement can take a few months. An investigation would need to be started within 10 days of the accident date. After an investigation starts then all evidence and statements would need to be evaluated and searched for red flags of fraud. During the investigation the insurance companies would have to reach a settlement. At this point, if you have an attorney they will submit their demand letter and the insurance companies have the choice of accepting or denying it. If it ends up getting denied, then you will go to trial and the settlement won’t be reached for a few years.

How do you calculate how much a personal injury claim from a car accident should be?

To figure out how much you should ask for a settlement you would want to look at all your expenses. Calculate the maximum estimate for any medical bills or procedures you would need for any injuries from the accident. Add up all of the expenses for your car repairs and add the amount of money you lost from not being able to work. After you add all of that up you want to multiple the sum by a number between 1 – 5, the number is determined by the severity of the injuries.

What would happen if you refuse to discuss, with your insurance company, car accident claim?

If you fail to report a claim with your insurance company, there can be legal penalties. If it is a serious car accident and you refuse to contact your insurance company to make a claim, then they can reject your renewal for the upcoming year. It is very important to make a claim as soon as you can even if you are at fault.

Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

One of the first things you should do when you get into an accident is to call the police and make sure all affected parties are okay. After completing those tasks, you would want to make a claim as soon as possible and provide enough information that could help your case. An insurance claim is one of the most important things to do and would be needed when trying to cover any of your expenses. Florida is a no-fault state so any expenses need to go through your personal insurance before and compensation can be made. One of the best tools you would need is an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you with your settlement.

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