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What Crimes Can Be Expunged In Florida?

What Crimes Can Be Expunged In Florida?

What Crimes Can Be Expunged In FloridaWhat crimes can be expunged in Florida? Almost all of the criminal charges can be expunged or sealed in Florida State. But only if you fulfill the conditions required for it. Also, there are also certain types of crimes that can neither be expunged nor sealed; even though you have not been convicted for any offense. In other words, your case cannot be sealed if pleaded guilty for an offense even if you are not considered guilty by the judge or convicted for any offense.

Also, there is a long list of crimes including exceptional crimes that may not be eligible to be expunged or sealed in the Florida State.

Also, your crime cannot be expunged if you were established guilty after trial or take a request to seal the charge according to criminal laws of Florida. However, if you are not found guilty after trial then your crime can be sealed or they can be entitled to be expunged, if the State Attorney has not filed the charges or dropped or dismissed them.

Also, you should keep in mind that any offensive crime can be expunged it the case was never filed, dropped or dismissed by the attorney of the state government. Moreover your case can be eligible for sealing if a judge or jury does not find you guilty for that offense.

However, if you are found guilty by a judge or the jury or you take plea for any of the criminal offense listed here under then your crime can neither be sealed nor expunged.

List of Crimes that Can Never Get Expungement

  • Offense related to sexual battery
  • Enticing or luring a child
  • Obtaining under 18 person for prostitution
  • Committing lewd offense in the presence of under 16 person or on them
  • Violation of the act of communication fraud of Florida
  • Gaining sexual pleasure by watching other in sexual activities
  • Committing lewd offenses in the presence of disabled adults or elderly people or on them
  • Performance of sex by a child
  • Offenses related to sexual misbehave with mentally ill or deficient person.
  • Offenses committed by public employees and officers
  • Providing obscene materials to the minors
  • Child related pornography on computer
  • Buying and selling of minors
  • Aircraft piracy
  • Illegal use of explosive materials
  • Drug Trafficking etc

Can You Get Record Expungement in Florida?

You can be denied to expunge your record if you have convictions for any criminal offense in your life time. These charges may include violations of minor criminal ordinance, criminal matters related to traffic and even the offense of misconduct or misbehavior. The law of the Florida State is a bit strict in this respect.

Cost of Record Expungement

Like in any other court you will have to deposit a small fee of $75. For filing the petition of expunging the offense from your record. In fact the expungement enables you to apply for various types of jobs with local or State government. Including law enforcement professional or teaching etc.

However, the entire process of expunging offense form your record is very fatiguing. Especially if you are ignorant about the State laws in this respect. You can contact Smith & Eulo in Orlando city, a high quality, reliable sealing and expungement service like Expunge My Record Now, or FDLE (do-it-yourself) to expunge the charges from your record.