Crimes Against the Elderly

Crimes Against the Elderly in Florida

What are Crimes Against the Elderly?

  • Florida Statute 825.101 helps to define some of the important concepts:
    • Over 60:
      • Crimes against the elderly require the victim to be over 60
    • Suffering:
      • crimes against elders also require the victim be suffer from the infirmities of aging.
    • Put simply:
      • To put it simply, if a victim is over 60 and someone uses the victim’s age to take advantage of them, then crimes are likely to be labeled as “crimes against the elderly.” Or if the victim is over 60 and a person is charged with the victim’s care and that care is neglected, then the crimes are also likely labeled as “crimes against the elderly.”
    • The Need for a Lawyer:
      • The use of the language “suffering from the infirmities of aging” makes prosecuting and defending an elderly criminal case more difficult than a standard case. Often, the state attorney will have an expert who can testify to the victim’s condition. In many instances, you may need your own medical expert who can refute the testimony and show that the victim does not fit the statutory requirements for “elderly.”

Enhanced Offense for Elder Crimes?

  • Florida Statutes use harsher penalties:
    • Looking through statutes 825.101 and onward, it becomes clear that where an elderly person is involved, the crimes are labeled more seriously than if the crime itself was committed against a person who was not elderly.
  • Most Cases are Felonies:
    • Most Crimes Against Elders involve Felony charges, with consequences often being severe. Protect yourself and hire a hire so you can discuss your options.

Different types of Crimes Against the Elderly?

    • Many types of Elder Crimes:
      • Abuse of the Elderly
      • Aggravated Abuse of the Elderly
      • Lewd or Lascivious Offenses Against the Elderly
      • Exploitation of the Elderly

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