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Hurricanes are some of the most destructive forces mother nature can throw at us. In the blink of eye, they can destroy entire homes and in some cases entire cities. The emotional toll these storms can have is enormous. Home insurance policies are there to protect home owner from losses caused by hurricane damage and can give people the peace of mind they need.

However, the big insurance companies often fail to deliver on these promises. They deny claims; many times for unjust reasons.

In the last five years, many destructive hurricanes have smashed through Florida. Names like Andrew and Charlie have become like myths and for good reason. Andrew alone caused $26.5 billion in damages. Hurricanes cause damage in two main ways: through wind damage and through flooding. Winds in some cases of up to 185 miles per hour destroy windows, rip doors off hinges and tear roofs from homes.

Big insurance companies know that they can take advantage of people in these difficult times and they often do. They are not there to help you but to save themselves money.

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Hurricane Insurance Lawyers