What Constitutes a DUI in Florida?

If you have actually been jailed and charged with a DUI in Turnbull, FL, you are most likely going to need an attorney. Smith & Eulo DUI lawyers concentrate on DUI law and our team is here to assist you when needed. Because Florida is a traveler state, we see more than our reasonable share of DUI arrests. If you live here in Florida or are passing through, it is sensible to understand the regional DUI laws. For instance, what makes up a DUI in Florida?

  • If the chauffeur of the vehicle has a blood alcohol content of.08 percent or more, she or he is considered to be driving under the impact
  • Additionally, chauffeurs using chemical compounds, prohibited controlled substances, and/or prescription drugs (such as Oxycodone) can also be thought about under the impact if stopped.

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DUI Penalties in Florida

If you are jailed for a DUI in Florida, fines and penalties will vary based upon previous arrests and convictions for a DUI. For instance, a newbie offender will face up to an one-year license suspension, whereas a third-time offender with an offense in the last 10 years will face up to a 10-year suspension.

1st Offense

  • As much as nine months in jail
  • Fines ranging from $500 to $1,000.
  • 180 to 365-day license suspension.
  • Possible six-month ignition interlock device (IID).
  • 50 hours of social work (can elect to pay fine in lieu of hours served).
  • Car impounded for 10 days.

Second Offense.

  • As much as nine months in jail.
  • Fines ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.
  • 180 to 365-day license suspension.
  • Two-year necessary IID.
  • If the conviction is within five years of prior DUI, necessary 10 days jail time and 30-day vehicle impoundment.
  • If the conviction is within five years of prior DUI, license withdrawed for five years.

3rd Offense.

  • As much as one year in jail.
  • Fines ranging from $2,000 to $5,0000.
  • 180 to 365-day license suspension.
  • Two-year necessary IID.
  • If the conviction is within 10 years or prior DUI, necessary 30-day minimum in jail and 30-day vehicle impoundment.
  • If the conviction is within 10 years or prior DUI, necessary license cancellation for 10 years.


Do You Need a Lawyer for First Time DUI?

Darryl R. Smith, Esq. - DUI Lawyer

Oftentimes, a newbie DUI in Florida is dealt with as a misdemeanor with minimal penalties given out. Nevertheless, the exception to this is when there are mitigating aspects to the arrest, such as an incredibly high BAC, witnesses citing irregular driving, possible error on the BAC reading, and/or a failed field sobriety test.

Facing these charges alone is dangerous in either case, so it may be best to employ a DUI Attorney in Turnbullto assist defend your case and ensure you get minimal penalties or possibly even have the case dismissed.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Turnbull, FL?

If you are searching for a DUI legal representative, Turnbull lawyers all charge in a different way. Some will charge by the hour while others will charge a flat fee for their services. At Smith & Eulo Law Office, your initial consultation is totally free of charge, so you do not have any monetary threat for our team to access the case. When we have all your information, such as the cops reports and your declaration, we will be able to provide you a much better price quote regarding what your defense will cost.

Can You Get a DUI Dropped?Ken Eulo, Esq. - DUI Lawyer

If jailed for a DUI in Turnbull, there are various reasons why the case may be dropped. For instance, perhaps the breathalyzer professional did not follow certain procedures when carrying out the test. This is simply among lots of reasons that could lead to the charges being dismissed outright.

There may also be a circumstance where the DUI itself is not dropped however pleading out to lesser charges is possible. Sometimes, this can assist prevent excessive fines, penalties, and jail time as long as there are no additional arrests throughout a court-specified time.

If there are intensified circumstances, a plea offer is more than most likely not going to be used. By intensified circumstances, we suggest a BAC of.15 or higher, an accident and/or injury associated to the DUI, or the presence of a kid in the car.

It must be kept in mind, both fines and possible jail time, in addition to penalties, are substantially increased when these types of circumstances exist.

What Can a DUI Lawyer in Turnbull, FL Do for a DUI Case?

If you are charged with a DUI, you will need to decide if you want to be represented by a public defender or a personal lawyer. Many public lawyers in Florida are excellent lawyers, however the disadvantage is they have incredibly heavy caseloads. Point being, you may not get the individually time needed to properly defend the case. Something else to consider is that when you utilize a public defender, you have no say in the lawyer selected to your case.

As specified above, your initial consultation with Smith & Eulo is totally free, so there is no threat to have actually the case examined. Additionally, there are various advantages in having actually hired a personal lawyer.

While a public defender is a well-rounded lawyer out of need, a legal company will have TurnbullDUI lawyers specializing in this type of law. Simply put, clients can rest assured their TurnbullDUI legal representative is a true professional in this particular niche of law. In cases where a public defender may ask you to plead, a personal lawyer may see a chance to go to trial and have the charges entirely dismissed.

For individuals with requiring schedules, a personal lawyer can conserve substantial time in the court. With a public defender, you are usually needed to be in court throughout every look. A personal lawyer, however, can represent you on some celebrations without you being physically present in the courtroom.

Something else to consider is that if you do want to take the case to trial, you will need an attorney to do so. The saying “he who represents himself has a fool for a customer” has actually never ever been truer when it pertains to DUI cases.

Being jailed for a DUI in Turnbull is difficult enough, do not add to that stress by trying to learn the legal waters on your own. Smith & Eulo has a full team of a Turnbull DUI lawyers waiting to assist. Complete our contact form and a member of our team will touch with you ASAP to discuss your case.