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Penalty For Driving Without License In Florida

Penalty For Driving Without License In Florida!

Penalty For Driving Without License In FloridaPenalty for driving without license in Florida, whether you are driving a four wheeler such as car, SUV or big pickup trucks or even two wheeler such as motorcycles and scooters, you must have be a driving license holder. This applies to the entire country and Florida is no exception to this rule. However, you have to understand that Florida is a state that takes driving licenses or the absence of it very seriously. Hence, whether you are a resident of Florida or you are visiting this state from other states or even countries, you should have a clear idea about the rules governing driving licenses. While you will have no problem if you have a valid license, we ought to know about the risks and dangers associated with invalid licenses or driving without a license. We are listing down below the various penalties which you could attract for driving without a license or without a valid license.

Penalty For Driving Without A License

  • If you are found driving without a driving license, the law enforcement authority will be within his or her right to give you a ticket. This ticket is tantamount to you being indicted for a criminal charge.

  • You could also get charge for second degree misdemeanor.

  • Technically, it means they arrest and release you immediately. They may also ask you to appear in a court and failure to do so could lead to more trouble.

  • If you are found guilty and convicted you could end up paying $500 and also spend up to 60 days in jail.

Driving With A Revoked, or Suspended License

  • This offense is abbreviates as a DWLSR or Driving While License Suspended Or Revoked. This again is considerable as a second degree misdemeanor. If it s repeated again then it will graduate into a first degree misdemeanor.

  • Drivers, who are guilty of three DWLSR charges in a period of three years; and would have their driving licenses revoked for five years. It can also labels the person as an HTO or Habitual Traffic Offender. When a person drives during this period, he or she could get charges up for third degree felony.

  • The officer concerned also has the power to impound the vehicle; and you can get it back only after paying a hefty fine. Failure to get back the vehicle within 30 days, could lead the vehicle being under a lien.

Driving With Expired License

  • If you authority catches you with a not-valid driving license, it is considerable as a serious offense. If the expiry date is less than 60 days of the date which they apprehend your license; then you could get away with a small fine of around $30. Beyond sixty days, you could find yourself in jail for 60 days and also end up paying a fine of $500. You also could end by putting under probation for 60 days.

What Should One Do

While driving with valid license is the best option, in case you believe that you are on the wrong side of the law, you must find good lawyers like Smith & Eulo from Florida State. You cannot to fight the case all by yourself and taking help of a lawyer is vital and critical.