Pro Bono Attorneys in OrlandoThe Smith & Eulo Law Firm has experienced criminal defense lawyers who have handled and litigated thousands of criminal cases. The criminal defense lawyers at the firm charge varying rates for the services, depending on the facts, the circumstances, and goals of the client. However, every once in a while the Smith & Eulo Law Firm will handle a case pro bono. In 2015, the Smith & Eulo law firm has performed pro bono work. In particular, the pro bono work performed resulted in both of the Defendants charges being dropped.

Orlando Pro Bono Attorneys can be a blessing for those in need of quality legal representation, who simply do not have the financial resources to pay the legal bill. As a way to give back to society, the Smith & Eulo Law Firm encourages families to submit pro bono requests through our automated email system. Your request should be entitled Pro Bono Request. The Pro Bono email should indicate the case name, arrest date, why you are seeking our specific law firm, and a back story as to what’s going on in your particular case.

Pro Bono Attorneys in Orlando FL

We will offer Orlando Pro Bono Attorneys’ services in only limited circumstances, where there is one of the following present: strong evidence of innocence, an unjust arrest, a compelling case of great public importance, or simply a morally/uplifting backstory that supports the Smith & Eulo Law Firm providing you with our Orlando Pro Bono Attorneys’ services. The Distinguished Attorneys Charity Foundation is a pending nonprofit organization developed by the Smith & Eulo Law Firm, that will eventually house the Orlando Pro Bono Attorneys profiles and contact information. The ultimate goal is to provide a list of Orlando Pro Bono Attorneys through the Distinguished Attorneys Charity Foundation. The list will be all encompassing and include multiple practice areas.

Please understand that offering Orlando Pro Bono Attorneys from time to time is merely something that the Smith & Eulo Law Firm offers on a limited basis. The goal is to take maybe 2-4 deserving cases PER YEAR if they fit into a specific and well-deserved category of case. We respect all submissions. Some cases may be taken at a reduced/partially pro-bono rate if the law firm has the resources and the time to accommodate a special case with a great story or need behind it.

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